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Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Jávea is found amongst the towns with the least crime in Spain

View of the beach and the Montgó Massif in JáveaAccording to results published last month about crime statistics in 2014, Jávea, the Costa Blanca tourist town, is new on the list of the safest towns in Spain. The figure is very low: 42.5 offences for every thousand habitants. There is 10 points difference between Jávea and the province of Alicante (52.15 offences for every thousand habitants), and just 7 points difference between it and the Comunidad Valenciana (49.4 offences for every thousand habitants) and 2.5 points difference from the national average of 45 offences for every thousand habitants. The results reflect stability in the fall of crime in the town, precisely 2.5 points less than the results from 2013, and the forecast is the same for 2015.

La Granadella cove, JáveaThe information provided by the Jávea council maintains that safety is one of the most important factors that improve the quality of life and projects a good image for tourists and foreign residents who account for 50.11% of the habitants of Jávea, made of around 85 nationalities (a number taken from the 2014 census, according to the Spanish National Statistical Institute). There are various reasons for the success of this town, such as its safety, cuisine, its excellent climate and countryside, as well as the features of its luxury properties, such as their geographical position and value for money.


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