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Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Rimontgó: property profiles, average prices and selling times

Exclusive property in Valencia

In the May issue of ‘Luxury Defined’, they analysed the current and future state of the luxury real estate market, using the information received from Christie’s International Real Estate’s exclusive members such as Rimontgó, on more than 100 luxury international real estate markets.

If you would like to read this report, you can follow this link “Luxury Defined 2016” where you can download the PDF version in English.

The analysis and compilation of information carried out in Rimontgó for this report, allowed us to gather interesting data regarding minimal purchase times and average selling prices as well as the profiles of the properties we work with.

 Luxurious villa in Costa Blanca

In Rimontgó’s property portfolio, the potential buyer will find villas, flats and apartments in the city of Valencia and its prestigious suburban urbanisations such as El Bosque, Mas Camarena and Santa Bárbara. It also includes properties along the Costa Blanca (Jávea, Dénia, Altea and Moraira).

We will now detail the average prices per m² of Rimontgó’s luxury properties sold in 2015 for a price of or superior to a million euros:

• The average price of the villas located in Valencia starts from 4,335 euros/m², whereas the Costa Blanca villas have an average price of 5,788 euros per m².

• In regards to Valencian apartments, they have an average price of 5,274 euros m² whereas the average prices on the Costa Blanca rise to 5,887 euros m².

It’s important to note that the average apartment price in Valencia is 1,185,000€ and 824,214€ on the Costa Blanca. Whereas, the average villa price within our portfolio is 2,951,888€ in Valencia and 1,377,677€ on the Costa Blanca. However, if we focus on those exclusive properties with a price equal or superior to a million euros the average sale price is 6,671,707€ (Valencia) and 3,327,668€ (Costa Blanca).

Villa with spectacular sea views in Jávea

In regards, to the minimum purchase time, during the years 2014 & 2015, Rimontgó was able to sell properties with a value of more than a million euros in less than 5 weeks, 4 weeks in 2014 and 2 weeks in 2015. Although, the average sale time for these properties was 20 weeks in 2014 and 16 weeks in 2015.

According to the data analysed at the beginning of this year, Rimontgó’s property portfolio contained 12.53% of the homes for sale in the area of Jávea. In regards, to those properties with a value of a million euros or more, our company processes 66.07% of the market. This is a more than significant percentage, bearing in mind the fact that this property profile represents the most exclusive 6.34% of Costa Blanca’s real estate market.


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