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Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Rimontgó’s luxurious yacht charter services

Rimontgó’s yacht charter serviceNot only providing customers with luxurious international properties, Rimontgó also provides clients with the opportunity to experience a superior lifestyle out at sea on a glamorous yacht.

This elegantly designed and sophisticated 15 meter motor yacht can sleep up to 6 people within its cosy cabins or, if hired out for a day, can accommodate up to 12 people. The facilities on this boat include stylish bathrooms with showers, a bar/lounge area and a spacious sun deck, ideal for sunbathing.

Additional features include a full range of fishing equipment, lavish appliances and plenty of refrigerator space.

The hot and sunny days are perfect for sunbathing and fishing out on the sun deck, whilst the evenings can be enjoyed indoors with the modern home theatre audio-visual entertainment system. To enhance this experience, the yacht comes complete with an effective air conditioning system for those hot summer evenings.

This charter service is ideal for the unexperienced since the yacht features a well trained skipper who will operate the boat in order for you to simply just relax and enjoy this wonderful experience. Rimontgó can provide you with additional services.

The yacht can be chartered from various marinas along the northern coast of Costa Blanca and is suitable for a variety of events e.g. from private parties and corporate events to dinners and romantic getaways as well as photo/TV shoots.

Additional information on Rimontgó’s yacht charter services.


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