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Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

EREN, the European luxury real estate network, celebrates its tenth anniversary

Business representatives and members of ERENBetween the 11th and 13th of September 2014, the European Real Estate Network (EREN) will celebrate its tenth anniversary in Berlin. The network brings together a large number of prestigious European real estate firms, specialising in high-profile properties. The event will take place in Berlin, where the exclusive company Berlin Capital Investments, will host the ceremony. This company will be represented by its executive director, Thomas Zabel, and the director of Premium Real Estate, Peter Rabitz.

EREN conference in Valencia

In 2004, a group of twenty real estate firms, originating from nine European countries and boasting an exclusive professional track record, joined forces to form EREN: a real estate network that, ten years later, is the leader in the European luxury real estate sector. EREN is comprised of businesses that had previously collaborated with each other in respected international organisations, such as Sotherby’s International Realty. Together, they count on great experience and knowledge of the luxury property market, as well as an established reputation, a magnificent track record and honourable professional ethics. EREN’s main objective is to achieve business excellence by developing a series of strategies which adapt to the changing trends in the high-profile property market and, in turn, satisfy the needs of its clients. To do this, the real estate network depends upon an excellent digital marketing tool, its web site, via which potential clients can access a large catalogue of luxury properties: an exclusive selection of the best residential properties in Europe. Moreover, another of EREN’s strongest assets is, without a doubt, its ability to offer a complete, professional and quality service of the highest standard.

EREN executives

EREN is currently headed by José Ribes (CEO of Rimontgó), and is made up of a total of fourteen companies, with offices in Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. However, the real estate network’s headquarters are located in London. After ten years as an active entity, EREN has managed to broaden its geographical reach and collaborate with other international real estate networks which specialise in the luxury residential sector, such as Luxury Portfolio International. To coincide with the celebration of Luxury Portfolio’s international symposium in 2007, EREN held a conference in the fantastic Hotel Las Arenas in Valencia.

Cover of Villae International 9th edition

EREN also publishes an annual magazine, Villae International, which is edited in Valencia and features articles on a wide variety of topics, including design, gastronomy, culture and lifestyle, as well as providing an excellent selection of luxury properties from around Europe. If you wish, you can access the online version of the ninth edition of Villae International by following this link.


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