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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Rimontgó receives recognition again for its work in the digital marketing field

Website Quality Certification 2017

From February 27th to March 3rd, Leading Real Estate celebrated the ‘Conference Week’, an annual event that gathers all the members of this prestigious real estate network.

During the event, Rimontgó received the award of the Best International Mobile Webpage, which took place this year at the luxurious Hotel Fontainebleau on Miami Beach.

When deliberating on who to award this international prize which includes all of the categories and only has three nominees, Leading Real Estate took into account, Rimontgó’s previous honour of Website Quality Certification, a web quality certificate awarded by their panel of experts, that has only been given to 136 of their member companies, including Rimontgó. This certificate assesses features such as interactivity, usability and privacy.

Rimontgó has received awards in previous years for ‘Best SEO Strategy’ (2009), ‘Best Overall Website’ (2010), ‘Best New Media’ (2011) and ‘Best Interactivity Award’ (2013), but with new prize, they have received recognition for their efforts in the digital marketing sector.

Rimontgó – mobile version of their webpage

The Best International Mobile Webpage prize was awarded to Rimontgó, for the new version of their mobile-friendly webpage, where special attention has been paid to usability and the menus. When considering the future, developing a mobile webpage is an important step, considering that Google is planning to introduce a new SEO strategy known as Mobile-First that will prioritise web versions over desktop versions of webpages in the search results.

Rimontgó’s IT department has also been working on EREN’s new administration system which was presented at the annual conference celebrated this April in Kitzbühel, as well as other external projects for two specialist real estate companies in France and the USA, developing their webpages and administration systems.


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