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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Informative and enjoyable Rimontgó staff training day at the magnificent Hotel El Rodat

Rimontgo group photoTo remain as one of the leading real estate companies it is more than important to guarantee the highest standards of customer service whilst at all times maintaining a lead over all competition. This motivation was the underlying motto at our recent staff training day at the Hotel El Rodat in Jávea near the wonderful area of Alicante. Stepping out of our Valencia and Jávea office comfort zones the interaction between colleagues enabled new working relationships to blossom, and old relationships to strengthen, on an informal basis so as to guarantee an outstanding service throughout the company.

This intuitive training session lasted a complete day and included many fascinating and informative updates regarding subjects such as sale procedures and property taxes and laws. In addition general training was given to aid us in updating websites and how to offer exceptional service in every aspect of our work. The entire day was based around the objective to give all staff a deep understanding of new developments in technical and marketing areas, as well as reasserting the duty we have to ensure all staff are fully trained and customer service skills are to the highest standards. This training session was a great success and highly advantageous.

Training day El RodatAlthough tackling some serious issues requiring full focus and concentration, it was by no means stressful, as the superb staff members and setting of the Hotel El Rodat enabled a relaxed and enjoyable day. The hotel is blessed with an outstanding surrounding with lavish woodlands overlooking the coastline and valley of Jávea. Not only did this magical setting ensure an enjoyable ambiance, but the management at the hotel put every effort into ensuring that our training day was efficacious. All of the Rimontgó staff greatly appreciated their care and send their deepest thanks for such a superb and informative day.


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