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Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Autumn in Sardinia

Autumn in Sardinia A recent article published by the newspaper TheGuardian places Sardinia in first place among the privileged spots for autumn holidays.

Autumn is actually a great time to get away for a final blast of sunshine before the cold winter and visiting Sardinia in this season allows to discover solitary idyllic corners and explore the countryside that are wonderful at this time of year.

The autumnal months are rich of festivals, feasts with seasonal products that have been grown during the summer season and cultural events. From north to south the island is a blaze of genuine products which enliven the autumn and warm winter with their flavors and colors. Everywhere there are plenty of events dedicated to local traditions: streets are transformed into markets, local craftsmen hold workshops, locals throw open their doors – and dining rooms – to visitors and walks are held through the hills. This is a wonderful opportunity to rediscover the excellences of Sardinia: the regional fruits and vegetables,the typical “pecorino” cheese, local salami and ham and all the other specialties.

Autumn is of course also the ideal moment to consider an investment in Real Estate, spending some relaxing few days to visit Sardinia and its unique properties. The less-busy seasons facilitating a closer contact with the environment, allows to focus on quality of life values and understand the sense of uniqueness guaranteed by the preservation of the natural environment in which each house is built. That’s why this season is the perfect one for whoever wish to buy a property on this marvelous island.

The invitation is to come to Sardinia and discover the wonders that this land offers, being the ideal location to feel good and close to nature and its positive energy.


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