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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

South-west or south-east: choosing the right exposure for your property in Marbella

Which is the ideal orientation for a house? Perhaps a seemingly simple question at first, the debate about which exposure provides the best view or temperature for a home on the Costa del Sol is not easy to solve.  Choosing the “right” exposure is actually more subjective than it first appears, and depends on a number of personal preferences. But the first step is to have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of each exposure in order to be able to identify those which meet your needs and lifestyle.

Terrace with southwestern exposure

Typically, potential property buyers in Marbella have always favoured a southeastern exposure. This particular orientation provides sunny mornings with the rising sun but cooler evenings from the front of the house, as the sun sets behind in the west. Tourists and foreign holidaymakers alike are especially fond of early morning sun along the Costa del Sol, with the goal being to soak up the sun’s rays as much as possible during peak times of the day. On the contrary, Spanish holidaymakers are more inclined to opt for a southwestern exposure; this means a cooler house in the morning and a warmer setting in the evening. When considering the Spanish lifestyle of going out until late at night, the house is avoided during the hottest times of the day. Marbella has properties which fit both descriptions, making it really a question of your daily routine and lifestyle as to which is “right”.

The next step is to carefully consider how you plan to use your property; will it be a holiday home for the summer, or an all-year-round abode? Permanent residents in Marbella, like foreign tourists, usually choose a southeastern exposure which ensures a warm home during the day in the winter. In the summer, having a warmer house is of little consequence as most people are either at work or in air-conditioned offices. Conveniently, by the time they get home the house will already be in a state of cooling ready for the evening. This orientation provides a pleasant level of warmth and light across the morning and evening, during both the summer and winter.

Swimming pool overlooking the Costa del Sol

Another very important element to consider when choosing a property’s exposure is the view. It is well-known that the best sea views on the Costa del Sol are usually from a southwestern angle; stretching from Marbella itself and sweeping along the Mediterranean coastline, all the way to Gibraltar and North Africa. For those who prioritize views, stunning sunsets of red and orange hues behind an expanse of crystal clear ocean, a southwest-facing property is for you.

Find the property on the Costa del Sol with the right exposure to suit your lifestyle.


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