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Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

The Spanish winemaking sector: investor profile and winery characteristics

Creation and production of wine

As mentioned in the previous article, international investors have taken an interest in the Spanish winemaking sector. As a result, we would now like to present to you, the profile of the foreign buyer and the characteristics that they find most attractive.

Large investment groups from Asia, Mexico and Europe (Europe less so than the other two) demonstrate a significant interest in creating liquor or wine groups in Spain. The investor will not only invest in the winemaking sector but will also be interested in investing in property such as historical palaces and country estates with the aim of converting them into business headquarters.

Winery with vineyards

In regards to the assets, foreign buyers prefer small or medium size wineries with its own vineyard and potential to be extended into a large winery. Another requirement, is that the winery does not reach full capacity, so that once the sale is completed, the winery can increase its production. Sometimes, this increase in capacity will depend on the capital invested or the reach of the international investors’ distribution.

Maturation of wine in oak barrels

Other less important factors for the buyer include the interior of the winery, for example if it comes with the full equipment such as stainless steel tanks and bottling lines or that the winery’s facilities are able to produce all the wine, avoiding the need to contract an external business to the winery.


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