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Friday, August 10th, 2012

Tarifa: A True Surfers’ Paradise!

The south coast of Spain is renowned for its beautiful beach resorts, prestigious golf clubs and exclusive ports, however, amongst Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, there is also a multitude of hidden beauty spots with plenty of appeal and charm.

Tarifa, surfer chic in Southern Spain

A fine example of such a spot is Tarifa, its balance between natural beauty and popular town life is truly unique on the south coast. Its breath-taking natural scenery attracts many holiday-makers, particularly surfers looking for some of Europe’s best waves.

Surfers’ Paradise

A True Surfers' Paradise!Just an hours drive west of Marbella, Tarifa is nestled behind the stunning Pillars of Hercules as the Mediterranean becomes the Atlantic Ocean at the start of the beautiful Costa de la Luz. This largely untouched and wild stretch of coastline features impressive white sandy beaches, sweeping dunes and lush pine forests sometimes reaching as far as the lofty cliffs. The resort town has always been a favourite with holidaymakers and Spaniards alike, searching for a break from the stresses of modern city life. The town attracts the same visitors year on year, some even purchasing property in the area for holiday homes or permanent residences.

Just a short distance from Marbella, Tarifa offers a completely distinct atmosphere and scenery, to the Costa del Sol resort. For this reason many holiday makers from further down the coast choose to spend a weekend away in Tarifa to enjoy some sunshine on the rolling dunes. The town was originally a sleepy fishing village, perfectly positioned, overlooking Morocco where the Atlantic narrows before transforming into the Mediterranean. However, in more recent times Tarifa has been firmly placed on the map once again, famous for its sandy beaches, strong winds and crystal clear waters, attracting Europe’s best surfers, as well as first-timers looking  to ride some of the best surf on the continent.  ‘Once again’, as the small  fishing village was also made famous as the first touch-down for the Moor invasion of the Iberian Peninsula.

Nowadays Tarifa offers many designer luxury hotels, relaxed cafés and stylish eateries in the charming historic centre, while the surfers stay at the chilled lodges and hostels closer Valdevaqueros – Europe’s best spot for kite-surfing. There are also many camp-sites to the west of Tarifa surrounded by pine groves and mostly just a stone’s throw away from the expansive white sand beaches that are this area’s main treasure.

Tarifa, surfer chic in Southern Spain

A favourite with surfers and young backpackers, the area has a unique and vibrant atmosphere, where travellers on a tight budget mix happily with those enjoying the rustic chic of famous Tarifa hotels such as The Hurricane and 100% Fun.

Tarifa, surfer chic in Southern SpainWhether sun-seeking on the sandy beaches, hiking through the pine forests or horse riding in the stunning Sierra Betica, sipping a cocktail at a trendy bar or shopping at the bright youthful shops that line one of the town’s main streets, there is always plenty to see and do in Tarifa.

Expect Arabic-influenced cuisine, incense, laid-back music and chilled conversations about wind direction and kite-surfing techniques. The best thing is that you can enjoy all of this even if you aren’t a pro-surfer or don’t know your kite-surfing from your para-sailing, but chances are the hippy chic that pervades Tarifa will truly enchant and leave you wanting more.


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