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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Best of both worlds – trading in London life, for Valencian sun and sophistication

Best of both worlds - trading in London life, for Valencian sun and sophisticationAfter a hectic professional life in the frenzy of London’s commercial and business district, many retirees choose to leave the hustle and bustle of the city far behind, looking for a rural idyll. That is exactly what one English couple did, when they said adiós to their London home and jobs in finance and physiotherapy, and moved to the naturally beautiful Mediterranean coastline around Jávea along the Costa Blanca.

Having left behind their stressful lifestyle in one of the world’s biggest capitals, the couple found their ideal retirement home in this stunning area of eastern Spain. Enjoying tranquillity, peace and fresh air, the couple now lead relaxed lives in a rural setting, yet with charming villages, popular coastal towns and plenty of facilities all just a short distance away.

However, after living in big cities many people face a common dilemma; no longer wanting to constantly be surrounded by the rush and buzz of a busy metropolis, yet often yearning after the excitement and sophistication of such a place. Golf clubs, beaches and water sports are all great for a spot of respite, but at times one longs after a museum visit, a meal at a top restaurant, a browse at an art gallery, or a bit of retail therapy in a thriving retail centre.

Best of both worlds - trading in London life, for Valencian sun and sophisticationThankfully, the solution is not completely illusionary, taking this same couple as a perfect example. Worried that they would miss the action and cultural aspects of a big city, they decided to look to Valencia as a base for their urban pad. At just an hour’s journey away from Jávea, Valencia, one of Spain’s most refined cities, offers all the stimulation of a city, practically at your doorstep.

Rimontgó helped the couple find a refined city pied-à-terre in Valencia, competing in sophistication with properties in London and Paris. Location was the main focus, with a perfect balance between the greenery and leisure facilities of the Turía Park on one side, and the stunning architecture and charm of Carmen, the city’s Old Town, on the other.

Best of both worlds - trading in London life, for Valencian sun and sophisticationThe elegant Valencian apartment, set in a classic historic building, was not only stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable, with a central position, but it also was on the market at an extremely reasonable price, offering a fantastic investment opportunity that the couple could not refuse.

The couple and their family are now in a very enviable situation, dividing their time between the sleepy coastal lifestyle in Jávea and the thriving Valencian capital, and all just a 2 hour flight from England.


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