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Friday, February 28th, 2014

Mercer grants Vienna first place for 2014

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For the 5th time, the global consultancy leader Mercer has awarded Vienna with first place for their 2014 ‘Quality of Living’ survey.

Mercer’s understanding of ‘Quality of Living’ includes 10 key categories, from ‘Political and Social Environment’, ‘Consumer Goods’, ‘Medical and Health Considerations’, ‘Public Services and Transport’ to ‘Housing’, and many more.

The ongoing success of Vienna doesn’t remain unseen overseas: Ruth Bloomfield’s article about Vienna features in the Wall Street Journal(13.2.2014), describing the luxury real estate property of Vienna and its high standard of living. The article also includes her interview of real estate expert Peter Marschall.

While real estate property began to drop in price all over Europe during the economic crisis in 2008, Vienna’s house prices even increased and are now up 55% since 2008.

Vienna’s historic centre has been listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, making building regulations very tight. So there are just a few very exclusive apartments and penthouses for sale in the 1st district, which leads to a strong demand and high prices. The city has also become very attractive to overseas buyers in the last few years; Vienna’s most expensive apartment was sold by Marschall Real Estate for over 11 million Euros last summer.

‘Goldenes Quartier Living’ is one of the most remarkable properties in Vienna, located more precisely in one of the best areas of the 1st district. Although most of these high-end luxury apartments have been sold successfully, one of the remaining ones is a penthouse above the Park Hyatt hotel which covers more than 600m2, and comprises four en suite bedrooms and four terraces.

Not far from Vienna’s centre, the 18th and 19th districts pose an attractive option for potential buyers, especially for families because of their large green areas and the nearby Vienna Woods. Here you have grand, historic villas next to modern apartments with impeccable architecture.

Marschall Real Estate, a luxury real estate expert for a number of years now, offers the most exclusive luxury houses and apartments in Vienna and Austria – don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Marschall Real Estate, your reliable partner.

Find out more about Mercer’s survey and read the entire article by Ruth Bloomfield.

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