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Friday, April 28th, 2017

Ticino: the new haven for young families

Views of TASIS school - © TASIS

Once again, Ticino heads up the list of Swiss cantons that are perfect for families with young children, in contrast to the cantons of Basilea-Ciudad, Zurich and Geneva that find themselves last on the list.

The Swiss were polled on their impression of Swiss cities and Ticino’s reputation as a family-friendly place, with a unique charm, perfect for families with young children. Ticino has also received positive views for its untouched landscapes and its ability to combine the Mediterranean lifestyle with a cosy climate.

Pupils of different nationalities in TASIS - © TASIS

Additionally, factors such as excellent family benefited and internationally-recognised schools such as TASIS or the University of Art and Applied Sciences, have contributed to how Ticino has taken the top spot. It’s important to mention that TASIS is the oldest American school in Europe and accommodates 720 students of different nationalities from pre-school until completion of further education. The college offers unique qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma, ‘Academic Travel’ school trips around Europe and a Global Service, citizenship programme specific to the school.

Those interested in moving to this area of Switzerland, would do well to consult the services of Wetag and benefit from counsel in searching for a property that best adapts to your needs, given that Philipp Peter, Ueli Schnorf and Iradj Alexander, owners and director of Wetag Consulting are also fathers and can provide in-depth knowledge on the key characteristics of a family home.

Wetag Consulting has chosen some properties suitable for families in Lugano or Montagnola, in the heart of nature and close to international schools.

Modern villa with views in Lugano
This fantastic villa has an excellent interior and outdoor design, located in an idyllic area of Lugano, offering views of the surrounding area.

 Beautiful house with views of Lake Lugano
This villa has a Mediterranean design and offers stunning views of Lake Lugano.

Luxurious Mediterranean style property with a pool
This stylish villa has a garage and a pool. There are also spectacular views and is located close to TASIS.

Luxury property project in Collina d’Oro
This newly-built development offers a house with an exclusive design with green areas and a pool, located in Collina d’Oro, Lugano.

Luxurious family property in Pregassona, Lugano
This magnificent villa has a large terrace that offers fabulous views. It has a total of seven bedrooms and five bathrooms and is the perfect family home.

Premium penthouse in Montagnola, Lugano
This charming villa has a large and bright design with excellent views of the natural surrounding environment. It is located in a very peaceful area of Lugano.

 Beautiful property with a pool in Collina d’Oro, Lugano
This stunning property has an open-plan design with a great deal of space, a large outdoor pool and green areas, located in Collina d’Oro.

Brand-new apartment in Lugano
This spacious apartment enjoys a turfed terrace with luxurious views in Lugano, very close to TASIS.

Residenza ‘Cristal’, residential complex in front of Lake Lugano
Newly-built apartments and penthouses with an exclusive design and beautiful views of the surroundings, close to Lugano and TASIS.

Modern and luxurious house, close to Lugano
This is a luxurious and modern villa, with green areas, a pool and parking located close to Lugano with enviable views.


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