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Friday, October 16th, 2015

Kids entertainment in Berlin

Activities for kids in BerlinBerlin has an array of family offers, just like any other large city. Here, children everywhere will get their money’s worth, regardless of whether it be at the zoo, museum, theatre or park.

Questions regarding the functionality of the steam locomotive or an aeroplane, and forms of transport one hundred years ago, are answered in the Technikmuseum (technology museum). The museum, where a full-sized Candy Bomber stands out on its fourth floor terrace, offers a kids exhibition which is always worth a visit. Not only do small children get their money’s worth, but also school-age children enjoy climbing on the old locomotives and operating the switches and buttons, as well as going on the discovery tour.

The Science Centre, which is found directly alongside it, is also worth seeing, where complex physical processes are suitably explained for children. Furthermore, visitors can experience via an experimental way, what the blitz was like and how sight and hearing work.

A journey of discovery through the museum

The museum sector in Berlin has a wide range of offers ready for kids. In the Dahlem museum, visitors can marvel at the collected treasures from North America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. The walk-in South Pacific ship, which is particularly popular amongst children, American Indian masks and Mayan sculptures, which belong to the ethnological collection, shall all be moving to the Berlin-Mitte district in three to four years time. Even a visit to the adjacent Junior museum is worthwhile. Here, children from the age of four to eight can learn how rice is grown and harvested.

“Interaction is strongly encouraged”, as seen in the Labyrinth Kindermuseum, which is located on Osloer Straße in Wedding. Children between four and twelve years old can let off some steam on the factory floor. Along with the chance to discover and try out, you can also climb and build. The MACHmit! children’s museum on 5 Senefelder Straße, in Prenzlauer Berg, offers a similar interactive experience which, in addition to the current exhibition on themes regarding art and science, provides a playful and adventurous programme. In this museum children can for example, try out a printing press or wander through the hall of mirrors.

The FEZ: Fun and games for the whole family

The Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum Wuhlheide (Wuhlheide Leisure and relaxation centre), FEZ in short, is a paradisal family complex with an indoor swimming pool, a space centre, cinema and extensive parking with wonderful playgrounds and animal enclosures, and is essentially more than just a visit. The miniature railway with child conductors take you from the Wuhlheide tram stop directly to this oasis of adventures, which also provides lots of themed weekends with special activities. One trip is simple not enough.

From the petting zoo to the pony riding

As children love animals, family trips to zoos, wildlife parks and aquariums are, for them, a main priority. The centrally situated zoo offers a grand diversity of species, whilst the wildlife park in Friedrichsfelde captivates visitors with its vastness. Very young children sometimes prefer to stroke a smaller animal, instead of watching predators in their large enclosures. Berlin offers numerous petting zoos, such as Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg or the Ufa-Fabrik in Tempelhof, where kids can not only stroke rabbits, but also ride ponies.

Getting out into nature

In the Südgelände (southern field) nature park, both children and adults can see how nature has taken over the old railway facilities. The vegetation envelops the rusty metal track, old signal box and huge steam locomotive stand, creating one of the most extraordinary parks in the whole of Berlin, which you can reach by crossing a metal lattice and then through a large tube. Additionally, you can watch graffiti artists legally spray paint onto the brick walls or visit art exhibitions in an old factory hall.

With a trip to the Marzahn locality, you can find the Garten der Kulturen (Garden of Cultures), where gardens from all over the world are presented: Japan, Italy or the Orient meet together in one place. The large maze, which you can see from the observation tower, is particularly popular among kids.

Entertainment plan for bad weather days

Does the bad weather rule out planned excursions? The Legoland Discovery Centre in Potsdamer Platz is the best place for a rainy day. The Brandbenburg Gate and other sights in Berlin have been created out of around five million pieces of Lego. A sign asks that you hold on tight on the dragon coaster and should you wish, you have the option to build your own model. In the Planetarium am Insulaner, kids can learn how the Earth came to exist and how the universe is made up. Plus there are regular showings in the theatres and cinemas, in which “Peterchens Mondfahrt” (Little Peter’s Journey to the Moon) and “Regenbogenfisch” (The Rainbow Fish) are shown in an impressive dome tent, with lectures taking place from time to time. Awaiting brave kids is the colossal climbing frame at the foot of the Insulaner mound, so that on the whole, there’s simply no time for boredom.


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