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Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Fashionable bars in Berlin

Pink MojitoMixed drinks, quality wine and an excellent party atmosphere: infinite options in the local bars in the Mitte district of Berlin.

As soon as the sun sets in the German capital, the bars of Berlin begin to light up, and not only on Saturdays and Sundays. Cocktail lovers will be able to find suitable bars whether it be Monday or Friday. Lately, the nocturnal centre of Mitte is, without a doubt, Torstraße. In the western part of this area, you can find the Bravo Bar, an ideal place for starting the night, although it may not be the best place to go to when leaving for work, as it opens Wednesday till Saturday and is open from 10pm. As soon as the doors open, the crowd quickly fills the place, dancing and leaving their troubles aside. At the same time just a few steps away in 11 Novalisstraße, you can find a cocktail bar called Reingold which, in its 17m, brings together people ranging from high executives to the more alternative groups of young people, all in one room filled with a relaxed atmosphere. If there are people that want to either learn how to make the cocktails that are served in Reingold or distinguish their distinct selections of wine, you can sign up for courses on offer there.

If we move our attention to the west of the city, we can find the Neue Odessa Bar, located in number 89, Torstraße, a very attractive, original location where you can enjoy fantastic cups of Moscow Mule, a speciality of the bar, made with cucumber and served after 7pm.

Premium cocktails

It’s possible that certain bars may seem more monotone, however this never happens with Almano Bar. Located in the heart of a hotel with the same name, between Auguststraße and Rosenthaler Straße, offering an incredible variety of drinks. Mixed drinks such as Pink Mojito have made Amano Bar, being awarded the best hotel bar thanks to its friendly staff and its essential location on a Berlin night out. Conclusion: an ostentatious bar made of marble, in a location well known with tourists, even more so with the Berlin people and in which, you can make a toast to Klaus Kinsky, immortalised in an enormous poster on the bar’s wall.

A hidden treasure

However not always is it so easy to find a bar. The walk towards the Drayton Bar, sitting on 55, Behrenstraße, passes by alleyways without light before finally reaching a small door that hides another mythical bar: Cookies. Set up in an Art Déco design and adorned no more no less than with gold-painted peacocks that are reminiscent of 1920’s Berlin. The night-time cocktails, which vary every day depending on the crowd, are prepared by an experienced barman. Another well known bar is the Tausend Bar, located on the side of the noisy tram tracks, in number 11, Schiffbauerdamm. After passing the bouncer, you can find a charming bar with high volume music blaring and at the back, a magnificent restaurant.

Hidden on Friedrichstraße, you can find another one of the attractions at Amano Bar, the G&T, which assigns its initials to the legend that is, the gin and tonic, which was the most favoured drink of the Queen Mother. The bar contains a range of gins (over a hundred varieties), so that the customers can taste a multitude of gins, whether they be straight, mixed, with exotic ingredients, flavoured, teas, etc.

Size doesn’t matter

And don’t think that you’ve seen everything. The King Size Bar, located on 112b, Friedrichstraße, is a suitable option for spending a long night. But don’t get confused by the name, it is actually a small bar and in the hot summer nights, when you can fit no more, the night and drinks are moved outside. Rumour has it that the stools, covered in velvet, come from Palermo. Usually, its customers also go to Chelsea Bar, on Torstraße, a place bustling with people and English-speaking staff, and in which there are frequent live music gigs.

Popular places throughout Hackescher Markt

The staff at the Grill Royal was captivated, only a couple years ago, with the old girls school located between numbers 11 and 13 on Auguststraße, a place in which, since then, the Pauly Saal serves food dishes typical to the area. In this bar, barmen from various countries will recommend a drink to the customers, and will then serve it instantly. The cocktails still taste better if they are drunk on the outdoor terrace during the hotter months, whilst on days with lower temperatures, there is nothing better than the comfortable leather armchairs housed inside. The Trust Bar, found in Hackescher Markt, has a distinct ambience, more restless and festive. This bar belongs to the brother of mythical DJ Westbam, and was moved a while ago to another more spacious location. Now it has a lot of space, so the heterogeneous mix of customers can raise their glasses, whilst dancing to the rhythm of the music from the live DJ. Cheers to that!


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