Discover Gallura's Countryside Charm

Discover Gallura’s Countryside Charm

Exploring the Essence of Gallurese Countryside 

Today, we take you to the magical region of Gallura, located in the northeast of Sardinia. It’s a wonderful natural reserve for nature enthusiasts and those seeking to discover the true essence of Sardinian rural life. 

This unspoiled corner of Sardinia has been protected by special regulations and urban constraints since the 1960s to safeguard the environment. Consequently, properties predating these restrictions are rare and invaluable. 

Two perfect examples that encapsulate the essence of Gallurese hinterland are Aglientu and the hinterland of the Costa Smeralda. 

Aglientu is a charming village nestled in the beautiful Gallura region. Here, you’ll find crystalline seas, white sandy dunes in the coastal areas of Vignola and Rena Majori, and a diverse and picturesque landscape with granite heights like Monti Russu promontory. 

Aglientu is also home to the magnificent Portobello di Gallura Park, a true natural gem that stretches along the northwestern coast, offering breathtaking landscapes and rich biodiversity. 

The hinterland of the Costa Smeralda is a hidden treasure that extends beyond the famous beaches and crystal-clear waters of Sardinia’s renowned coast. This enchanting region is characterized by wild and suggestive nature, featuring green hills, lush forests, and ancient villages steeped in history. 

In addition to its natural beauty, Gallura offers a wealth of cultural attractions, such as Nuragic sites where you can admire imposing stone structures dating back to the Bronze Age. The Nuraghe Majori blends seamlessly into the dense vegetation of the area, an architectural complex entirely made of granite that captures visitors’ attention with its unique structure. 

One of the symbols of the hinterland is the majestic cork oak groves that form lush forests. Walking among them, you can breathe in their millennia-old energy in an unreal silence. 

The hinterland is also dotted with small countryside churches, often characterized by simplicity and sobriety in their rural architecture. Visiting these churches and admiring the artistic details of their facades and unique architecture is an experience that lingers in the heart. 

Among the beauties of the area, you’ll certainly find the Stazzi Galluresi. These are ancient country constructions typical of the region, featuring traditional vaulted ceilings, stone walls, and terracotta floors. 

ImmobilSarda offers an exclusive selection of Stazzi Galluresi, rural homes, agricultural properties, and prestigious estates for sale. They have been thoroughly modernized while preserving the style, design, and ambiance of the era and tradition. 

Once restored and furnished, these properties offer the opportunity to create a unique living space while maintaining authenticity and traditional atmosphere. Staying in a countryside residence provides an unprecedented experience, allowing you to embrace the genuine Sardinian way of life and fully immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of this captivating region, embracing local traditions. 

Today, Stazzi Galluresi have transformed into charming dwellings, offering the chance to spend moments of relaxation and rest in an unparalleled environment like Gallura. They represent a window to the past, a connection to the traditions and culture of the region. Staying in one of these ancient farmhouses means immersing yourself completely in Sardinia’s history and authentic lifestyle. 

The Gallura-Costa Smeralda area has remained almost entirely in its natural state, without any physical or visual barriers limiting the horizon, without intensive agriculture or industrial activities, and with low population density. 

The Gallurese hinterland offers a combination of natural beauty, tradition, and well-being. It’s a place where time slows down, embracing a relaxing and authentic dimension. 

The countryside and Stazzi are the perfect place for those seeking a regenerative environment steeped in simplicity. Living in the hinterland is a new way to savor Sardinia, where you’ll be immersed in an authentic and captivating atmosphere. A secure haven to relax and enjoy pure contact with unspoiled nature without sacrificing the convenience of having all the services and renowned locations within easy reach.