Villae 15 - European Real Estate Network

EREN celebrates its 15th anniversary and the launching of Villae 15

Last November we celebrated that EREN was in its 15th anniversary. On this occasion and as we do each year from the foundation of the network, we have the pleasure to communicate you that the 15th edition of our magazine Villae International is already available.

If we look back, many things have happened during these last fifteen years with regards to the real estate market; however, we have been lucky to deal, collaborate and expand together with some of the most luxury real estate companies in Europe. And, most important, we have made an effort to offer our clients the best service and make available for them all of our experience to find them the property that meet their requirements or assist them in the sale of the most exclusive properties.

Villae 15, the image of EREN

We have designed Villae 15 – and the previous editions of our magazine Villae International – in order to reflect EREN’s essence and our main values but with a fresh and attractive touch for our readers.

The magazine includes a small selection of our members’ property portfolio, as well as luxury houses and apartments for sale located in Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Valencia and Jávea – Costa Blanca and Marbella and Verona, Rome, Lisbon, Vienna or in the different Swiss cantons.

In its pages, there are articles related with the world of luxury and lifestyle, but we have not forgotten current issues such as the Brexit or the consequences of technological advancements, the so-called “The Second Machine Age”.

In this new edition and thanks to our members: Immobilsarda, Marschall Real Estate, Walde & Partner Immobilien and Amat Luxury, you will also find four European enclaves, in particular, Gallura – Costa Smeralda, Vienna, Zurich and Barcelona. We have interviewed the CEO’s of these four companies in which they tell us about the history and essence of these cities, what can we expect and how is living in them.

As it happens with the first pages of the magazine which are focused on the last EREN’s meeting, which took place last October in Zurich, the closing of the magazine is with a section that best defines EREN’s essence and vouches for the close cooperation between the members.

You can read Villae 15 or any of the previous editions (only available in English) in our website. We hope you enjoy the reading.