Antonio Ribes and the latest market trends

Antonio Ribes and the latest market trends

Could you summarise the market in your area in 2021?

The best ever – the market reaction has exceeded all expectations. Sales have increased to levels
not seen for a very long time. The post-covid reaction from buyers was so strong that it isn’t an
exaggeration to call 2021 a historic year, surpassing even the years before 2008.

How do you see things developing in 2022?

Things are uncertain, because of the current situation in the world. There is still a lot of interest
from buyers, but no accurate forecasts could be made right now.

What kind of buyers are coming to your area?

Mostly international buyers with high purchasing power who are looking for a second home,
as well as those seeking a ‘Second Prime-Home’ where they can spend most of the year, while
working and living in a beautiful, safe and lifestyle-focused environment. The nationalities that
stand out the most are German, Scandinavian, French and British, above all.

What kind of properties and lifestyle are they looking for?

As a result of the pandemic, buyers prioritise healthy living conditions and properties with
outdoor living space, with quality materials and amenities. The demand for such homes in the
luxury segment has risen significantly and there has also been a related rise in sales of country

Many buyers also prefer modern homes, primarily in exclusive areas, first line to the sea or to
golf courses and other green zones. Besides contemporary style and amenities they also wish
for the latest technology and comfort, and there has been a noticeable drop in interest in more
urban areas with focus now on gardens and facilities such as workspaces, home gyms, etc. Some
people even ask for an orchard area in which to grow their own fruit, vegetables, herbs and
sometimes even olive oil and wine.

Has the market changed a lot over the past few years?

The luxury market continues to gather importance and more recently there has also been a rise
in demand for country properties and attractive working farms. This region offers both in good