Redevelopment project

Mind West Gate: the green face of the Lendlease-led redevelopment project

The Expo 2015 site will find new life thanks to the Urban Regeneration Masterplan developed by the consortium led by Lendlease. The project envisages the creation of a large multifunctional theme park that will be developed as an ecological and social infrastructure, consisting of a vast network of pedestrian and cycle paths, green islands, water features, new public functions and an innovative concept of mobility.

Following the statement “Landscape first!”, MIND’s project is based on principles and strategies that see the landscape as a driving force for generating new urban identities. Transforming the former EXPO area into a new Knowledge and Innovation Park means reconnecting this part of the city with its territory, strengthening not only physical connections but also communities and a sense of place. MIND’s vision is to define an ecosystem based on science and innovation, bringing together education, research, creativity, business and cultural activities to contribute to social, cultural and economic growth. Within the master plan, functions are conceived as districts: the West Gate, the Green Heart and the Knowledge Hub, held together by the principles of Common Ground.

There are three main elements on which the open space project is based: Decumanus: 1.5 km of linear park; Cardo: transformed into a ‘water boulevard’; the vocations of the new landscape: food, health, sport and biodiversity. This new green infrastructure, designed to actively respond to the challenges posed by climate change through nature-based solutions, involves increasing permeable soils, planting 3500 new trees chosen from native species and capable of absorbing 225,000 kg of Co2 per year, and inserting pollination belts to increase the site’s biodiversity.

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