Immobilsarda Unveils Eco-Villas in Portobello di Gallura

Immobilsarda Unveils Eco-Villas in Portobello di Gallura: The Ultimate Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Immobilsarda proudly presents cutting-edge architectural designs for the “Homes of Tomorrow” in Portobello di Gallura, during the “Arte in‚ĶPortobello – Past, Present & Future” event, commemorating 60 years since the founding of the Residential Park of Portobello di Gallura. These new proposals epitomize organic, integrated, and sustainable architecture, carrying forward the original architectural philosophy of the Residential Park while innovating and enhancing the living quality of this extraordinary place. 

The event, held on August 11th at the Immobilsarda Club House, a hub for artistic and cultural evenings under the “Arte in Portobello” banner that have illuminated the “Portobellina” summer of 2022. Collaborating architects, in partnership with Immobilsarda, symbolically accepted the legacy of Engineer Tiscornia and Doctor Magliano and unveiled avant-garde project proposals for eco-villas perfectly integrated into the landscape, in harmony with nature, and dedicated to the “well-being of all and for all,” meant to be enjoyed year-round. 

These stylistic solutions draw inspiration from nature, organic neuro-architecture, and biophilic design, shaping the rocks and terrain, following the natural contours of the land, and utilizing natural materials to create a seamless connection between home and landscape. These are no longer just second homes or vacation houses but genuine residences designed for year-round living, offering utmost safety, tranquility, comfort, and privacy, even beyond the tourist season. 

Portobello di Gallura’s Residential Park embodies the concept of contemporary architecture influenced by well-being, sustainability, ecology, privacy, and quality of life, ensuring perfect livability year-round, even outside the tourist season. Today, Portobello di Gallura stands as Sardinia’s sole private residential park by the sea, a pioneering cultural intervention that has, for 60 years, championed the pursuit of well-being. 

Portobello symbolizes the perfect harmony between humans and nature, tradition and innovation, meticulous preservation, and visionary thinking. It continues to serve as an architectural and cultural landmark for innovative, sustainable residential projects seamlessly integrated into the landscape. 

“Homes for living, not for impressing; to enjoy this seaside park, not to spoil it.” Engineer Carlo Emanuele Tiscornia 

For further information on the new concepts for eco-green tailor-made villas in Portobello di Gallura, please contact with our member Immobilsarda.