Paradise in a Residence

Paradise in a Residence

On the slopes of Mount Argentario, a splendid promontory that bears traces of Etruscan origins, overlooking the deep cobalt-blue sea, renowned worldwide for its extraordinarily beautiful beaches, breathtaking vistas, and scenic hidden coves, lies the most exclusive residential complex of all: Lo Sbarcatello. Immersed in a 42-hectare park, seamlessly integrated with the Mediterranean scrubland of the area in which it is situated, this special secluded corner of paradise was chosen in the 1960s by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands and her consort as the location for their own residence. It remained so for many years, resisting even the relentless pursuit of acquisition by Charly Chaplin.

Within Lo Sbarcatello, which ensures limited access to residents and their guests, and is equipped with 24/7 security, as well as a private descent leading to a magnificent beach with crystal-clear waters, we offer for sale a splendid residence. It boasts an enviable position and views, covering approximately 600 square meters of indoor space, along with about 300 square meters of terraces and patios, a garden of approximately 1,000 square meters featuring a delightful swimming pool, and around 3,000 square meters of woodland.

In addition to its proximity to the most beautiful beaches of Argentario, Lo Sbarcatello enjoys its proximity to the charming village of Porto Ercole, with its timeless port, famous not only for its captivating natural beauty but also as the home and refuge of Caravaggio in the final years of his life. The architecture of this residence, along with the choice of materials, perfectly complements the property and its surroundings, making it a property of great charm.

However, the fact that it is a residence for special individuals ensures that it will not lose its unique character if personalized according to one’s desires by those who can seize this opportunity, an opportunity that is truly one of a kind, to secure a corner of paradise in this magical and exclusive setting, reserved for the few and rightfully coveted.

No matter the photos and videos we may show you, they can never convey the emotions experienced simply by sitting in one of the sitting rooms, dining around one of the lunch tables, or relaxing comfortably in the shade of one of the patios, or even basking in the sun on one of the terraces or in the garden, all while gazing toward the horizon defined by the sea, confirming the enchantment of enjoying an endless view. This residence provides the perfect and significant frame to savor the masterpiece represented by the location, the context, and the breathtaking panorama.

This property belongs to the portfolio of our member La Commerciale Realty.