Luxury, interior design and technology in Villae 13

Villae 13: luxury, interior design and technology

Luxury, interior design and technology are the three concepts in which this new edition of Villae International was based on. The design of interiors becomes the leitmotif of Villae International, a magazine published by EREN with exclusive content. In addition, you will find a sample of the most luxury properties in Europe, from the portfolio of each of the members that form the European real estate network.

The interior design is the true protagonist of Villae 13, already present in its cover.  In it, there is an elegant imperial loft in the heart of Vienna city which combines a refined décor and exquisite architectural elements. These feature have been inherited from the historic building in which it is found.

The latest trends in luxury, interior design and technology

Some of the contents that you will find in the magazine are: the new trends in decoration, such as the use of textures in order to give a touch of glamour and create a cosy space. There is also a section aimed at luxurious country estate style houses, as well as the most exclusive properties in Europe. However, the concept of space is not limited to just the real estate sector, but extends to luxury planes and bars. Cities such as Mumbai, Xanthi and Singapore have the latter, of which the magazine offers us a small selection.

There is also an article about the visionary Elon Musk, director and cofounder of Tesla Motors and SolarCity, Paypal, SpaceX and OpenAl (amongst other leading businesses). Other topics are: the world of gold, new gadgets and intelligent cities.

On the other hand, and as in each edition, Villae 13 also makes a review of the annual conferences of EREN that took place the previous year in Austria and France. Also, on this occasion, EREN has the pleasure of presenting a new member, Comptoir Immobilier. A leading company in the real estate market in Ginebra, Switzerland, which also has a luxury division CI Exclusive Properties.

If you wish to read Villae 13, as well as the previous editions of the magazine Villae International, you can do so via this link.