Greek islands by Yannis Ploumis

Greek Islands by Yannis Ploumis

Can you summarise the market in your area in 2021?

The market in Greece was pretty stagnant during the first five months of 2021
because of Covid and the quarantines imposed. However, from May 2021
onwards, sales surged and prices began to rise rapidly – up by more than 100% by
the end of the year.

How do you see things developing in 2022?

The new year started with a large increase in sales, and despite the war in Ukraine
there has been ongoing interest in Greek properties.

What kind of buyers are coming to your area?

Our buyers currently largely consist of Greeks, Greeks from abroad, UK citizens,
Egyptians, Arabs, Swiss and other EU citizens.

What kind of real estate and lifestyle are they looking for?

People are mostly looking for vacation homes, longer-term homes in Athens and
smaller apartments for investment purposes and Golden Visas.

Has the market changed a lot over the past few years?

Greece left the financial crisis in 2019 and since then the real estate market has
recovered almost fully and is now booming, even with Covid and the war in
Ukraine. You can say that, in spite of everything, it is in a healthy state.

Yannis Ploumis from Ploumis Sotiropoulos is proud to offer exceptional international services for properties in the Greek islands but also in Athens and other surrounding areas.