Il vino sardo

The Sardinian Vineyard: an investment with international appeal

If there is one thing that cannot be missing from Sardinian tables, it is wine, the true identity element of Sardinia’s food and wine heritage.

Today more than ever, small and large investors, both locally and internationally, see in wine a new type of ‘refuge asset‘, a form of investment that is increasingly in demand and appreciated. In this sector, Italy, and Sardinia in particular, undoubtedly represents excellence.

The Sardinian territory, on the strength of its considerable biodiversity, boasts the production of some of the world’s most appreciated wine varieties, first and foremost Cannonau and Vermentino, followed by Nuragus and Carignano.

Vinitaly 2022 was a great success, proving the centrality of wine in the island’s economy. The ‘5StarWines – The Book‘, the prestigious guide in which all wines awarded a score of 90/100 or more are collected, in fact counts no less than 76 Sardinian wines.


Wine world
The secret ingredient of Sardinian wines is Sardinia itself.

An almost magical place, where the brackish winds, the Mistral above all, give the grapes pure air and the aromas of the Mediterranean maquis and the sea. An uncontaminated island in the heart of the Mediterranean, characterised by a unique terroir, where the sun warms the soil, composed mainly of clay, sandy soil and calcareous marl: the perfect formula for the cultivation of life.

The island wineries combine great professionalism and commitment, but above all they are driven by a great passion for what they do and aim to offer the best to their customers.

Vineyards are an indispensable piece in the rich and varied natural mosaic that is Sardinia and, in particular, Gallura, the leading representative of wine production on the entire island.


Over the last 20 years, wine has proved to be a daily consumer good for a large segment of the population, recording an annual return of 8%, a positive and encouraging figure considering the fact that it refers to a commodity with limited production.

Demand and consumption of wine, in all its many varieties, show a steady and progressive increase, making it a guaranteed investment, within a market capable of ensuring stable profits. Also contributing to this economic stability is the increase in demand for quality wines, cultivated and produced in protected, protected and genuine habitats such as those of the Gallura – Costa Smeralda.

This increase can be attributed mainly to two factors: firstly, a greater focus on one’s own wellbeing, but also on sustainability, values that are closely interconnected with the themes of food quality and health, but also a preference for local products. Secondly, the current economic scenario sees wine as an increasingly fashionable luxury investment, attracting a steadily growing number of potential high-spending investors.


The success of any investment depends on its management by high-calibre and experienced professionals, combined with a strong and well-planned marketing strategy.

In the wine sector, the choice of a good winemaker and the growing importance of organic certification in combination with sustainable processing and production methods is crucial.

Going even further into the details of the Sardinian context, it is fundamental to know the place, its characteristics, its terroir, and to be able to valorise its peculiarities and past reputation, through targeted communication to be addressed to the reference market, but also with an eye to the most demanding niches.


Today we are witnessing a renewed interest in the wine and food sector, in particular in the products that symbolise ‘Made in Italy‘, perceived in a new light that is transforming them from consumer goods to true experiences, increasingly linked to the world of luxury, wellness and high-standing hospitality.

Gallura-Costa Smeralda, which has always been synonymous with prestige and excellence, in 2022 has reconfirmed itself as a place of high appeal for national and international investors, particularly Chinese and Arabs.

In addition to being known as an iconic place on a global level, the Region of Sardinia is also distinguishing itself for the support and economic subsidies dedicated to fledgling wineries, which concretely contribute to the start-up of new companies characterised by state-of-the-art structures and equipment, high-level production performance, effective promotion and marked competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets.

The performance of wine businesses during the pandemic has demonstrated the strength of wine as a strong investment, which is not affected by crises, guaranteeing the stability of its capital.

Wine is the perfect embodiment of a lifestyle that encompasses the well-being of living in contact with nature, while preserving the value of one’s capital: this is why the Vineyard sector is undoubtedly one of the most interesting to consider for a secure and profitable investment in 2023.


Vineyard estate
In light of this gradual rediscovery and the growing demand in this sector, ImmobilSarda – Christie’s is proud to boast a “Vineyards Selection” in its portfolio, which includes prestigious properties in locations that symbolise Italian wine-making excellence: from Chianti in the heart of Tuscany, to the immediate hinterland of the Costa Smeralda- Gallura dedicated.

Our experts are ready to offer you a one-to-one experience, tailor-made to accompany you step by step into the fascinating world of wine.