House with sea views in Terravecchia

ImmobilSarda and the sustainable architecture in Sardinia

For 45 years Immobisarda has been looking for uniqueness in locations, features and construction quality in the properties of its portfolio.

Immobilsarda is a leading agency within the luxury real estate market in Sardinia since 1974. Immobilsarda’s mission is to value, preserve and make known the singularity of what they define “Nature Art Gallery”, referring to the pure beauty of Gallura – Costa Smeralda. That is why from 45 years now they stand up for issues such as preservation, sustainability and environmental integration.

Immobilsarda has turned the respect for the natural environment and the use of low impact construction techniques into its personal emblem thus encouraging the use and development of green architecture and sustainable architecture in the Sardinian region. In fact, they support the idea that only in the respect and harmony between nature and the human being lies in the long-lasting and genuine welfare. Immobilsarda is at the forefront of the promotion of a lifestyle based in the rediscovery of what it known as “mental wellness”.

Eco-friendly villa project in Santa Teresa Hills, Sardinia

An increasing part of the market is rediscovering the need to distance from the daily quick-paced life and the monotony in order to immerse in the tranquil harmony of nature. We are talking about the path to rediscovering oneself, the authentic values and the idea of “living well”, focusing on the search of wellness and quality of life. Gallura – Costa Smeralda, with its wild beauty, marvellous coast and landscapes, its charming mild micro-climate, is a unique place to explore these feelings in which we can find the perfect place to live.

Sustainable architecture in Gallura – Costa Smeralda

The market in Gallura – Costa Smeralda has a limited offer of properties due to the laws that since the seventies have protected the pure beauty of Sardinia. Immobilsarda offers exclusive newly built eco-friendly houses by the sea. It is an innovative project which combines the most picturesque enclaves of Gallura – Costa Smeralda with the cutting edge technology; sustainable homes, of low environmental impact perfectly integrated in the natural environment, designed to fit in harmony with the morphology of the place.

These sustainable homes are equipped with a myriad of amenities and avant-garde technology and have also been designed as light-flooded large spaces in a perfect union and symbiosis with the surrounding environment. The spacious outdoor lounge areas create a flow and continuity of the inner and outer spaces making disappear the borders between inside and outside and transforming the plot in an isolated enclave; an autonomous space which guarantees utmost privacy and tranquillity.

Villa Cuata: an example of sustainable architecture in Terravecchia

The eco-friendly houses are based on the archetypical idea of the “good life” reinterpreting the design of the typical house of Gallura. Novelty is at the service of tradition in a refined balancing game between shapes, colours and sensations. The basic concept of sustainable homes is the use of quality local materials and green roofs in order to guarantee an true continuity with the surrounding landscape, as well as the attention to detail to sun exposure and micro-climate efficiency, making the most of the essential qualities of the area in order to obtain the highest benefits in terms of comfort and protection against wind, without giving up to preservation and respect for the environment and landscape.

The innovative Villa Cuata in Terravecchia is an example of what can be called a “natural outdoor museum”, offering an incomparable view of the sea, infinity pool and modern outdoor areas almost camouflaged among the granite polished by the wind.

Discover also other eco-friendly houses in Baia Santa Reparata, 150 metres from the sea, in which you will be able to gaze at sunsets with views of the horizon and enjoying the green terraces or the infinity pool.

Finally, let the client give shape to his/her idea of well-being in the new plots situated in Santa Teresa Hills which, with an area of between 1,500 and 4,500 m2, offer magnificent views of the Archipelago of La Maddalena.

We are not only talking about a new way of life but also a unique real estate opportunity.