36 Apartments and flats for sale in Austria

Why buy an apartment in Austria?

Considered as the country which offers the best quality of life, Austria is among the preferred countries when the time comes to buy a property. If you are interested in the acquisition of apartments for sale in Austria, a key point when making the decision of buying, is the easiness to acquire a primary residence although not that easy for the second home.

Austria possesses several attractions, not only architectonic and cultural, but also natural such as the Alps, meeting point for ski lovers as it is the perfect place for practicing skiing or climbing and mountaineering, the Danube river with a navigable channel, the famous Vienna Woods or the charming forests with lush gardens in Salzburg.

If you decide to move to Austria, you will have the opportunity to travel to countries like the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia or Switzerland with which Austria borders. Its capital, Vienna, is one of the main models of the country beyond its borders, a city where you will enjoy the Austrian culture and history, in addition to having access to all kinds of facilities.

Among the luxury apartments for sale in Austria available in our website, you will find fantastic penthouses located in the historic centre of Vienna, where you can buy a residence in any of the most emblematic historic buildings of the Austrian capital; apartments in the prestigious district of Döbling and apartments also in luxurious residential condominiums such as the SkyLounge Mondsee in the neighboring municipality of Mondsee. Either modern or classic, these properties have large windows which offer natural light and views of the city’s skyline and the verdant landscapes.

Visit our list of apartments for sale in Austria and find the property you where looking for, in the centre of Vienna or even in one of its most exclusive residential areas, as well as in municipalities of Upper Austria such as Mondsee.