36 Apartments and flats for sale in Italy

Why buy an apartment in Italy?

Living in a country of historic and cultural tradition is possible if you are interested in buying a property in Italy. Italy, birthplace of western civilization, has a population of more than 60 millions of people and is located on the south of the European continent, right in the centre of the Mediterranean sea. The islands of Sardinia and Sicily, together with the Po Valley and the Italian Peninsula make up the Italian Republic.

It is one of the most visited countries in Europe, being its capital Rome as the third most touristic city (fourth worldwide). Rome is the so-called Eternal City and offers apartments for sale in the heart of the historic centre. Milan is famous for being the financial and industrial centre of Italy, capital of the Italian fashion par excellence and a cosmopolitan city which it seems like the perfect place for businessmen.

In other regions such as the Veneto with cities like Verona and Venice, or small towns like Bardolino, Garda or Sirmione you will find flats for sale with direct views over the Garda Lake. However, Tuscany is the green lung of the country where you will be able to enjoy tranquility surrounded by lush vineyard landscapes.

It is said that Sardinia is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe which has luxury properties spread around its 7,500 kilometres of coast, with exclusive places such as Costa Smeralda which gathers together luxury properties in an unparalleled setting or the island of Maddalena, one-of-a-kind paradise.

If you buy an apartment in Italy you will be able to enjoy the excellent quality of life that this country offers. You can choose from flats located in the northern cities or luxury apartments in the most beautiful southern islands; find out our selection of properties located in Italy in our listings, we will be happy to assist you in the whole purchasing process.