21 Apartments and flats for sale in Spain

Why buy a luxury apartment in Spain?

Spain is a country with a wide variety of opportunities, so it is not surprising that many foreigners opt for the acquisition of an apartment for sale in Spain to move in and change their way of living. The weather, one of the key factors, and the relaxed lifestyle are some of the most valued reasons.

Among the preferred places are Barcelona, Madrid, Costa del Sol where the city of Marbella is a must, as well as Valencia and Javea - Costa Blanca. Each one of them has its own characteristics, although Spain as a whole shares the lovely climate, excellent gastronomy and charming people.

The purchasing process of apartments for sale in Spain is simple, being one on the mandatory legal requirements to have a valid Spanish identification document, whether an ID card or a Foreigner Identification Number at your disposal. It is worth mentioning that in Spain, investment in real estate by foreigner investors are boosted and eased, making the Spanish real estate sector become more and more attractive to foreign buyers.

From 2014 the country is experiencing a greatest increase in foreign investment thanks to the Golden Visa program. This is a measure by which buyers from outside the European Union can obtain a residence permit after the purchase of properties with a value equal to or higher than 500,000 Euros.

In the case of the purchasing of apartments for sale in Spain as a second residence, the conditions are the same either for foreigners or residents. The Spanish real estate market is perfect for this type of investments.

If you would like to live in Spain and are looking for a flat as a main residence or a secondary holidays home, visit our list of flats and apartments for sale in the main Spanish cities.This is the perfect opportunity for investing in Spain and enjoy its quality of life.