1 Apartments and flats for sale in Upper Austria (Austria)

Buying a luxury apartment in Mondsee, Austria

Upper Austria can be the perfect place when it comes to buy a flat if you are looking for tranquility, privacy and enjoy a spectacular natural landscape and views of the lake or the river.

Upper Austria is located in the north-central part of the country with an extension of about 12,000 square kilometers and borders with the Czech Republic, Germany and with the states of Styria, Salzburg and Lower Austria. It is the third most populated federal estate of Austria with 1.48 millions of people.

The most important cities are Linz, Wels and Steyr. Linz, capital of the state, is a charming city on the banks of the Danube river with a rich cultural heritage among which stands out its lively musical and artistic scene, while Wels, on the banks of the Traun river and Steyr, crossed by the Enns and the Steyr rivers, together with the districts Gmunden and Vöcklabruck are two of the industrial centres of the state. In Austria we can also find lovely towns such as Hallstatt, St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut, Mondsee and Bad Ischl among others.

Upper Austria boasts a great variety of landscapes which make it one of the most high-valued areas, especially for nature lovers. The Mühlviertel, a region located on the northeast of the state, is a mountainous landscape known as the Granite and Gneiss Plateau, while on the south of the Danube river, the land turns into wooded hills such as the Hausruck Mountains located in the foothills of the Austrian Alps and also plains and meadows which favour intensive farming. The alpine area is formed by the Alps of Upper Austria and of Ybbstal, plus de region of Salzkammergut.

Salzkammergut is known as the lakes region and offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Austria. Mondsee is one of the most highly-regarded municipalities located in the district of Vöcklabruck where you will find luxury apartments for sale in one of the most exclusive residential condominiums of Upper Austria, the SkyLounge Mondsee, offering exquisite views of the surroundings.

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