Buying a flat in the canton of Lucerne

Generally speaking, Switzerland is a highly regarded touristic destination thanks to its alpine landscapes, large lakes and tranquil life style. However, if you want to live in any of its cities, in the canton of Lucerne you will find the ideal place to buy an apartment.

The canton of Lucerne, located in the centre of Switzerland, has an extension of 1,493 square kilometers and is divided into five districts. The main cities –Lucerne, Emmen, Kriens, Horw and Ebikon- are located around Lucerne which is also the capital of the homonymous city and the canton. Its location between the regions of the Swiss plateau and the Alpine foothills, on the banks of the Lake Lucerne and several rivers, causes lovely natural landscapes.

As we have already mentioned, many people choose one of the Swiss cantons to spend their holidays, so it is not surprising that many people decide to invest in the purchasing of an apartment in Lucerne as a second residence. However, the canton of Lucerne, especially towns such as Sursee, Hochdorf, Meggen or the capital itself are of special interest for families who want to make Switzerland their main home.

If we focus on the capital, Lucerne, it is worth mentioning that is a city with more than 80,000 of inhabitants but it is tranquil and safe. Its excellent infrastructures, great cultural richness and leisure activities as well as natural landscapes and prestigious international schools make it perfect for families with children. Wander through the streets full of history, travel on a steamboat on the Lake Lucerne or hiking on Mount Pilatus or Rigi will become the perfect plan for a family Sunday.

The canton of Lucerne has a stable real estate market in which the buyer profile is mostly national. The prices of flats for sale are lower than in other cantons in the country, therefore buying a flat in Lucerne can be a good investment.

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