93 Apartments and flats for sale in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland)

Buying a flat in the canton of Ticino

Quality of life, security, economic stability and tax advantages, as well as excellent infrastructures, public services and education are common factors throughout the Swiss country. However, in the case of the canton of the Ticino, this also offers a similar lifestyle to the Italian ‘dolce vita’, a mild climate and Mediterranean landscapes in one of the most touristic areas of the Helvetian country and attractive for investors who want to buy an apartment in Switzerland.

Ticino is located on the south of the Alps and it stands out thanks to its beautiful mountainous landscapes and green valleys bathed by the rivers, the largest of which is named as the canton and lakes such as Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano. It is arranged over eight districts with a population of 355,000 inhabitants and its main cities are Lugano, Bellinzona (capital of the canton and of the district of the same name) and Locarno, but we can also find small towns to be considered if you are looking for flats for sale in the canton of Ticino: Ascona, Paradiso, Muzzano, Brissago, Minusio, Porto Ronco and Morcote are some of them.

Its real estate market, just like the rest of the country, is prosperous and the luxury sector is at its peak. In addition to the local buyer profile, there are more and more buyers coming from other Swiss cantons and foreign countries, especially, those from northern Europe interested in the acquisition of flats in the Ticino. This is because there are fewer restrictions, an advantageous tax system and a greater number of tourist areas in which foreigners can buy apartments as a second residence especially in towns around Lake Maggiore such as Ascona and Locarno.

If you want to buy a penthouse in the centre of Lugano, facing Lake Maggiore or if you are considering the purchasing of a flat in any of the towns of the Ticino, visit our list of flats for sale in the canton of Ticino.