Buying a flat in the canton of Vaud

Located on the west of the country and bathed by large lakes such as Lake Geneva, Vaud is one of the largest cantons of Switzerland, with beautiful mountainous landscapes such those offered by the Jura mountains and the Alps. It is the perfect place for nature lovers for whombuying a flat in Vaud will become the best option if they want to live in a tranquil place.

The canton of Vaud, mostly French-speaking region, offers beautiful natural landscapes, among them the famous Lavaux vineyards, a lovely weather and a high level of security that provides an excellent quality of life for those who decide to buy an apartment and move to Vaud.

Non-resident buyers will be able to buy an apartment in Montreux on the banks of Lake Geneva and several ski areas as they have been designated as holiday zones. However, it is worth mentioning that in the rest of Vaud’s canton, especially in its capital Lausanne, there are restrictions when purchasing for a property if you do not hold a residence permit.

Montreaux is referred to as The Riviera thanks to its excellent weather and vegetation but it is also recognized in the world of music as it was a place of inspiration during the 70’s and nowadays, an important jazz festival is hold during the summer season.

The capital of Vaud, Lausanne, is a modern city, cultural centre of the region par excellence. The most prestigious university of Switzerland is located in Lausanne, as well as several international schools which make it the perfect place for families who are considering the purchase of an apartment in this Swiss canton.

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