24 Villas and semi-detached houses for sale in Athens - Greater Attica (Greece)

Buy a house in Athens or in the region of Greater Attica

Buying a house in Athens can be a very advantageous option, as it is a unique ancient city that has kept its legacy but has adapted to the new times, with an enormous vitality, full of energy and surprising hospitality. It is the largest city in the Hellenic country, in addition to being one of the oldest inhabited cities and preserves archaeological remains of special importance, including the Parthenon located in the Acropolis, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Agora, places that everyone should visit once in a lifetime.

Athens, capital of Greece, welcomes a large number of national and international tourists year after year, thanks to its well-kept heritage and its pleasant climate. It also offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle influenced by history and has experienced an increase in the number of international flights that have strengthened tourism, as well as residential and hotel development.

If you are interested in the purchase of houses for sale in Athens, this is the perfect moment thanks to the Golden Visa program (Greece - My Residence). Buy a house or villa in Athens and the region of Attica has never been so easy for foreign real estate investors due to the facilities offered by such program. In addition, due to the fact that property prices in the Greek capital are lower than in other European cities, has led to a notable increase in demand within the Greek property market by foreign buyers.

The city of Athens has everything you might need such as luxury homes for sale spread around the city centre and especially in the surrounding areas. If you want to settle in the administrative center of the Hellenic country, have a look in our website where you will find a large selection of properties for sale, among which you will find a property that fits your needs.