15 Villas and semi-detached houses for sale in Mainland Greece (Greece)

Buying a house in Mainland Greece

Spend your holidays in the Greek islands is maybe a dream, but if you want to find out about the history and culture of the Hellenic country as well as enjoy its gastronomy, climate and landscapes at any time of the year, the best option is to buy a villa in mainland Greece. When speaking about mainland Greece, we are referring to the Greek territory located in the Balkan Peninsula, that is to say, the Peloponnese, Attica, Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace, Epirus and central Greece.

Peloponnese, the peninsula united to the continent by the isthmus of Corinth, it is one of the most regarded regions of Greece, in which mountains such as Taygetus and Parnon blend with small valleys and plains. In the Peloponnese you will also find some of the most important archaeological sites and beautiful beaches such as those of the seaside villages of Akrata, Xylokastro and the south. But, without any doubt, one of the most cosmopolitan spots of the Peloponnese in which you will find luxury villas for sale is Porto Heli, one of the most sought-after places thanks to its relaxing lifestyle and exclusive Marina.

Within the region of Thessaly, located on the north of the country, we can find two of the most beautiful places thanks to their stunning scenery: one of them is Meteora, known by its rock formations that elevate on the valley of the Peneios river, and the other one, Pelion, a mountainous peninsula offering exquisite beaches and charming towns in which you will be able to buy exclusive properties in the heart of nature with views of the sea.

Ioannina, Zagori, Parga, Preveza and Syvota, among others, are some of the most famous towns to spend holidays either in summer or in winter in Epirus, a mountainous region located on the northeast of the country that year after year attracts thousands of national and foreign tourists thanks to its beaches and mountain landscape.

On the contrary, Central Greece is one of the most appreciated spots by the Greeks and it has emblematic places such as Delphi and Arachova in the heart of Mount Parnassus.

If you are interested in acquiring a property in the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Central Greece or Epirus, consult our portfolio of villas for sale in mainland Greece.