Buying a property in Veneto

If there is a region with its own unique character that is the Veneto region, a region made up of historic cities. If you are interested in a house for sale in Veneto, Italy, you will have the opportunity to live in an incomparable region all around Europe, even worldwide. Venice, Verona, Padua, Vicenza are some of the most remarkable cities of Veneto being at the same time provinces of this region.

The Veneto has preserved natural treasures, art and traditions with a rich cultural heritage. The vast majority of the properties for sale in the Veneto regionare spread all around small beautiful towns. In this part of Italy, natural landscapes of great beauty, especially during the seasons of spring and summer, become in a cozy place where to enjoy of family and friends’ gatherings and a tranquil and relaxed lifestyle.

The Veneto offers magnificent villas for sale, some of them featuring a gothic style, the artistic style par excellence for many years in this region. There are other properties of classic style or even modern. Different residences with a common element, large gardens in which you will enjoy nature in your own house. But it is also possible to find noble villas, fortified citadels or historic hamlets by the lake.

The Veneto region is also known for its wines, mainly thanks to the viticultural area of Valpolicella. Some of the properties for sale in Veneto have vineyards for their own wine production, as well as olive groves for the production of olive oil.

We hope that among the houses and villas for sale in Veneto you will find the property you have always dreamed of.