Why buy a house in Portugal?

Buying a house in Portugal has become a great investment opportunity as it boasts one of the best qualities of life in the Europe. As well as its rich history, it also has one of the best climates, with an annual average of 260 days of sun which can be enjoyed along the 900 kilometers of Atlantic coastline and beautiful beaches such as the Algarve, a top holiday destination.

Portugal is a land of cosmopolitan cities and charming towns, together with beautiful landscapes which invite you do outdoor sports, and with a total of 90 courses it is considered a golf-lovers paradise.

Some buyers are looking for houses for sale in Portugal to enjoy their holidays, but more and more people are deciding to move to live there. Portugal has a population of almost 11 million, is a very safe country, with good political and economic stability and a very advantageous cost of living. If you are also considering a safe country to live, Portugal is the perfect choice for family life.

Portugal’s real estate market has experienced a noticeable recovery since 2015, thanks to several factors that have led to this positive situation: the rise of tourism, the arrival of multinational companies to the country and competitive housing prices below the European average.

The granting of residence permits (Golden Visa) when it comes to buying properties in Portugal (worth more than 500,000 euros) and the new favorable tax framework for non-regular residents have contributed to the fact that the sale of houses in Portugal to foreign investors and buyers, mainly from France, the United Kingdom and Brazil, has grown considerably, further boosting the sector.

If you are interested in acquiring a property as either a primary or secondary residence, we invite you to check our list of properties for sale in Portugal.