Buying a villa in the canton of Grisons

This Swiss canton is the largest region of the country as well as the easternmost despite being the less populated area. A very large part of this region is dedicated to ski resorts which have the benefit of being classified as a holiday area, meaning that non-residents may acquire a property with a surface area with a maximum of 200m2. Buying a villa in the canton of Grisons is an excellent opportunity for enjoying beautiful towns, green landscapes and some of the highest alpine areas that are the perfect getaway for sports enthusiasts and mountaineer lovers.

It is interesting to know that Romansh (the mixture of the five regional dialects) is the official language of this region as it borders with the neighbouring countries of Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein. Switzerland, in general, offers a high-quality lifestyle and residents can enjoy a lovely climate mixed with picturesque villages and a wide range of leisure activities which make it the perfect place to live in.

One of the most well-know destinations in the canton of Grisons is without any doubt St. Moritz. It is a famous holiday destination which offers everything one can wish for and mostly for sports lovers, perfect if you are interested in a luxury property for sale in St. Moritz. It is al Alpine resort town located in Engadine, known as Upper Engadine. The Winter Olympics have been celebrated here more than once and it offers plenty of activities to enjoy such as horseback riding, polo in addition to shopping. A paradise on one of the highest areas of Europe.

A cosmopolitan region that offers security to its residents which guarantees a good quality of life.

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