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Buying a house in the canton of Lucerne

Lucerne is the Swiss canton which speaks mainly German. Sharing its name with the capital city, it is located in the northeast of the Swiss Alps. If you Buy a house in the canton of Lucerne, at the foot of the mountains, you will have the opportunity to enjoy nature in its pure state. Lucerne has towns, small villages, rivers and lakes, including the famous 38 kilometres long Lake Lucerne, one of the biggest attractions of the area, or Mount Pilatus which is easily accessible by public transport, perfect for taking a cable car and enjoying some of the best mountain views imaginable.

Its location between the Alps and Lake Lucerne makes this region one of the most popular Swiss cantons, especially in terms of buying a second home, thanks to its growing economy, excellent infrastructure and favorable tax conditions. Market trends indicate that municipalities such as Sursee and Hochdorf continue to grow as a market and being attractive to families. One of the reasons which explain the high demand for buying houses in these areas of the canton of Lucerne is the market stability.

The sale of properties in Lucerne is particularly interesting for families as it boasts an excellent public education as well as international schools in Zug and Lucerne, just to name a few. It also offers activities, especially in winter, and safety standards in the area are especially high, as is the case in the rest of the country. In summary, it is the perfect place to live for families.

The main industries in the canton are machinery manufacturing, construction and health. Lucerne is the headquarters of national and international companies such as Electrolux, Schindler and B. Braun Medical. Lucerne has the lowest corporate tax rate making it attractive to both small and large companies.

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