101 Villas and semi-detached houses for sale in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland)

Buy a house in the canton of Ticino

The canton of Ticino is located in the south of Switzerland where Italian is the most spoken language by the resident natives, although English, French and German are also spoken. The houses for sale in Ticino are not just attractive to the domestic investors, but also to foreigners, as it is considered a tourist area and there are less restrictions to foreigners when it comes to buy a property, in comparison to other Swiss regions.

Some of the best attractions of this region are its mountain landscapes offering views of the lake as Mount San Salvatore and Mount Brè, as well as other natural settings which are influenced by Italy thanks to the blending of the Mediterranean vegetation and palm trees with the Alpine.

The Ticino canton is an industrial area offering a wide range of possibilities. There is a demand for innovation based on tradition which creates perfect conditions for constant economic development. A good example of this is the construction of the Gotthard base tunnel, the deepest and largest railway tunnel in the world which connects Switzerland to the north of Italy.

Ascona and Locarno offer more facilities for foreign buyers with regards to the purchase of a house in the Ticino canton. These are located in the north of the region beside Lake Maggiore, as well as other holiday areas. Lugano is the main economic centre of this canton and has a very lively lifestyle, as well as being the third most important financial centre in Switzerland.

Ticino is one of the Swiss cantons where the purchase of second homes by foreigners is most gathered, as there are fewer restrictions.

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